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Meet our tutors!

At Potencia, we select and train college students not just as English tutors, but more importantly, as civic-minded future leaders who make changes happen.

Currently, our tutors are from Boston University, Northeastern University, and Tufts University. 

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Danielle Coan

Boston University

Mia Garvin.jpeg

Mia Garvin

Tufts University

Camila Lamoratta-tutor spotlight.png

Camila Lamoratta

Northeastern University

Elissa Perez.jpg

Elissa Perez

Tufts University

Amos Trinidad.jpg

Amos Trinidad

Tufts University

Terrell Cornelius.jpeg

Terrell Cornelius

Tufts University

IMG_2052 - Jami Guo.JPG

Jami Guo

Northeastern University

Jake Lattanzi.jpg

Jake Lattanzi

Tufts University

Nhi Tran - NEU-tutor.jpeg

Nhi Tran

Boston University

Murshea Tuor.jpg

Murshea Tuor

Tufts University

IMG_5477 - Ashley Cornwell.jpg

Ashley Cornwell

Northeastern University

face pic 3.jpg

Bijan Harandi

Tufts University

Hannah Mascuch.JPG

Hannah Mascuch

Tufts University

IMG_3151 - Moxie Thompson.jpg

Moxie Thompson

Boston University

chris duyos_edited.png

Chris Duyos

Tufts University

Headshot - Brendan Kelleher.png

Brendan Kelleher

Tufts University

Gretchen Moulton.png

Gretchen Moulton

Northeastern University

meg_2 - Meg Thode.jpg

Meg Thode

Tufts University

To see the full list of our tutors, please see our annual report here.

Hall of Fame

We are always grateful for the tutors who volunteered at Potencia. 

Firas Mouasher    Alfred Naayem    Laura Taraboanta    Shamoon Mallick    Piper Goeking


Heidy Acevedo    Allison Chow    Mia Goldberg    Duncan Allen    Thais Marques 


Rachel Wagner    Elida Ntirenganya    Gillian Rooney    Deena Bhanarai   Dana Baxter


Talia Smith    Julia Worden    Ivian Zhang    Lucy Tumavicus    Sarah Lessin

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