Meet our tutors!

Dana Baxter

Tufts University

Wallingford, CT

Dana is a rising senior at Tufts studying Biology with the goal of eventually becoming a doctor, with an interest in lab research! She loves singing, hiking, and yoga. Dana likes tutoring with Potencia because it is a great way to make connections and learn more from and about the people and communities nearby! 

Chris Duyos

Tufts University

Chris is a senior at Tufts studying International Relations and Film & Media Studies. He spends his free time hiking, watching movies, cooking, and seeing friends. Coming from a family of immigrants, he has a passion for mentorship and teaching others English.

Bijan Harandi

Tufts University

Bijan is an undergraduate at Tufts University. He has a wide spectrum of passions, and his hobbies include playing quiz bowl, and binge-reading science and history. 

Minh Luong

Boston University

Hanoi, Vietnam

Minh is an undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations at Boston University. As an English learner herself, she wants to share her own learning experience as a way to support Potencia's learners.

Liana Monderer

Tufts University

Liana is an undergraduate at Tufts University.

Amos Trinidad

Tufts University

Newton, MA

Amos is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in Biochemistry. He runs for Tufts' varsity track team and some hobbies of his include listening to music and chilling with friends. He teaches at Potencia because he wants to help others overcome the challenges of learning a new language. 

Lucy Tumavicus

Tufts University

Portland, ME

Lucy is an undergrad student at Tufts, co-majoring in Environmental Studies and International Relations. She’s passionate about running, kayaking, and working for social and environmental justice! As a tutor, she is grateful for the connections she has forged with her students and all the things that they teach her. 

Julia Worden

Tufts University

Kingston, NH

Julia is a rising junior at Tufts University double majoring in Biology and Community Health. She loves spending her free time running and hiking, and she is very passionate towards giving back to her community through volunteer work. 

Terrell Cornelius

Tufts University

Terrell is a Tufts Undergraduate pursuing a career in education. Terrell specializes in work surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a former special education teacher, he knows the importance of diverse educational needs and is happy to serve as a liaison for any student seeking supports.

Mia Garvin

Tufts University

Wellesley, MA

Mia is a rising junior at Tufts University double majoring in Spanish and Quantitative Economics. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys the opportunity to learn from anyone she teaches. In her free time, Mia loves dancing, yoga, and spending time outside.

Jake Lattanzi

Tufts University

Guilford, CT

Jake is a premedical student at Tufts University pursuing majors in Biology and Spanish. He cares deeply about enabling people in need to live independent and happy lives, and working with Potencia helps him to realize this objective. In addition to tutoring, Jake enjoys running, listening to all types of music, and spending time with family and friends.

Hannah Mascuch

Tufts University

Oceanside, NY

Hannah is a rising junior from Oceanside, New York double majoring in Education and English with the goal of becoming a 1st-grade teacher. She loves spending her free time at the beach, painting, and doing yoga. She loves tutoring with Potencia because it's a great way to make new connections while helping others.   

Elissa Perez

Tufts University

Staten Island, NY

Elissa is a junior studying Community Health with the hopes of becoming a physician one day. She is very passionate about helping others and teaching things she has learned and has helped her along the way. Potencia has given her the opportunity to make an impactful difference for a very vulnerable population. Her students teach her just as much as she teaches them during each session. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, bike riding, and traveling.

Murshea Tuor

Tufts University

Queens, NYC

Murshea is a rising senior at Tufts University studying biology and religion on the pre-med track. She works for a non-profit organization in healthcare and hopes to work with refugees in the future—and Potencia is a great catalyst for exactly that. In her free time, Murshea cooks, goes on bike rides, reads, and FaceTimes her friends and family. 

Aidan Welsh

Tufts University

Arnold, MD

Aidan is an undergraduate at Tufts University majoring in biology and pre-medicine. He is a member of the Tufts Men Soccer Team and a member of MIT Army ROTC Battalion. He enjoys the process of teaching and connecting with individuals in a one on one setting. It is an empowering and motivational experience for both parties and an experience that he will always remember. 

Hall of Fame

We are always grateful for the tutors who volunteered at Potencia. 

Firas Mouasher    Alfred Naayem    Laura Taraboanta    Shamoon Mallick    Piper Goeking


Heidy Acevedo    Allison Chow    Mia Goldberg    Duncan Allen    Thais Marques 


Rachel Wagner    Elida Ntirenganya    Gillian Rooney    




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Potencia US is currently a program registered under Refugee Immigration Ministry Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

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