Meet our tutors!

Terrell Cornelius

Tufts University

Terrell is a Tufts Undergraduate pursuing a career in education. Terrell specializes in work surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a former special education teacher, he knows the importance of diverse educational needs and is happy to serve as a liaison for any student seeking supports.

Shamoon Mallick

Tufts University

Branford, CT

Shamoon is currently a Sophomore at Tufts,  planning on studying Biology and Spanish and pursuing the premedical track. He enjoys playing and watching soccer and cricket. Shamoon has previously volunteered at a hospital and a local community center in his town. He enjoys giving back to the community.

Lucy Tumavicus

Tufts University

Portland, ME

Lucy is an undergrad student at Tufts, co-majoring in Environmental Studies and International Relations. She’s passionate about running, kayaking, and working for social and environmental justice! As a tutor, she is grateful for the connections she has forged with her students and all the things that they teach her. 

Gillian Rooney

Tufts University

Fairfield, CT

Gillian is a sophomore at Tufts. As an English major, she loves tutoring with Potencia because it gives her a whole new perspective on the English language. When she’s not tutoring, she can be found volunteering for Elizabeth Warren, raising money for Tufts, or ordering Uber Eats.

Rachel Wagner

Tufts University

Redding, CT

Rachel is a sophomore at Tufts University double majoring in Environmental Studies and Spanish. When she is not at Tufts, she loves to hike with her dog Cooper and visit past teachers from high school. she now rows for the varsity women’s crew team at Tufts and read/watch Netflix in Spanish for fun!

Alfred Naayem

Tufts University

Beirut, Lebanon

Alfred studied Economics and Finance in undergrad and studied Innovation and Management at Tufts. He is deeply passionate about social impact and how he can contribute to the community. Teaching at Potentia has been a meaningful start to find his connecting dots and make changes.

Bijan Harandi

Tufts University

Bijan is an undergraduate at Tufts University. He has a wide spectrum of passions, and his hobbies include playing quiz bowl, and binge-reading science and history. 

Heidy Acevedo

Tufts University

Easton, PA

Heidy is a sophomore at Tufts. Her goal after college is to go to law school and work for a firm - hopefully sponsoring environmental bills that help prevent further damage from dangers like hazardous wastes and implement more sustainable methods of operation for major industries.

Elida Ntirenganya

Tufts University

Elida is a sophomore at Tufts. She wants to continue assuming the role of a “teacher” and help in educating women and young girls in developing countries about their health.

Duncan Allen

Tufts University

St. Louis, MO

Duncan is a Tufts Undergraduate senior from studying International Relations and Chinese. In his free time, he loves brewing his own coffee and portrait photography.

Firas Mouasher

Tufts University

Amman, Jordan

Firas has a B.S.E in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Firas is passionate about sharing his knowledge in order to make a positive difference in Jordan, which has taken a large responsibility in aiding the refugee crisis and also hosts the largest refugee camp in the world.

Laura Taraboanta

Tufts University

Cleveland, OH

Laura is a graduate student at Tufts studying Engineering Management and Innovation. Her undergraduate degrees were in Biochemistry/Bioethics, and she’s been a tutor for different organizations since 2012.

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