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Why Heidy chose Potencia

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Written by Heidy Acevedo, Tufts '22, Potencia Tutor of the Year

This is the first post of Potencia Tutor of the Year 2019 Series. If you want to join Potencia, please visit our join us page.

First thing first - My Bio

My name is Heidy and I'm from Easton, PA, and I love to spontaneously drive up to the King of Prussia Mall with my friends, or simply stay in the area and enjoy one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Easton. I also really enjoy Escape the Room Boston because it has an even amount of physical and mental games, and sometimes a good combination of both.

Why do I volunteer at Potencia

I chose to become a Potencia volunteer, because through my little interactions attempting to learn the French language, I can understand to an extremely small extent what it is like to try and learn a new way of speaking. The task becomes even more daunting when that foreign language is not your class for 50 minutes, but your new life that you now to have to become accustomed to every second of the day. Teaching people how to communicate with their employers and friends gives them more job opportunities as well as more confidence to live out their lives the way they want to. If they understand more, they can demand more from their experiences, instead of simply accepting a situation regardless of its level of appeal.

I have learned that every useful phrase or lesson you teach a person can make their lives so much easier, and allow them to express themselves the way they should.

My goal at Potencia

My goal at Potencia is ultimately to see the people I tutor become comfortable speaking English so that their individual personalities and talents can be shown. I want to see them have conversations in English without being fearful, or embarrassed, and I hope I can teach them that no one knows everything; even native speakers in their respective languages make spelling and grammar mistakes! Speak freely and proudly- that's the only way to learn more😊

My goal after Tufts

My goal after college is to go to law school and work for a firm - hopefully sponsoring environmental bills that help prevent further damage from dangers like hazardous wastes and implement more sustainable methods of operation for major industries.

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