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Why Elida chose Potencia

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Written by Elida Ntirenganya, Tufts '22, Potencia Tutor of the Year

This is the fifth post of Potencia Tutor of the Year 2019 Series. If you want to join Potencia, please visit our join us page.

Why did you choose to volunteer at Potencia? 🔑

Learning a new language can be exciting but also challenging. As a previous English learner myself, I understand the many emotions and challenges that arise when trying to master a language that you encounter every day. Therefore, I decided to volunteer at Potencia to be part of the learner’s journey that I am very familiar with.

What did you learn from your tutoring experience? 💡

During the weekly tutoring sessions, while I taught English grammar, my student taught me about perseverance and patience. No matter how long the journey may be, I want to help as many newcomers as I can to learn the language that they face daily. 

What is your goal after graduation? 📣

When I finish college, I want to continue assuming the role of a “teacher” and help in educating women and young girls in developing countries about their health.

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