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FAQ for tutors

Q: What can I expect by joining Potencia?

A: You will teach 1-2 learners whose English skills are at similar levels. Now the classes are conducted online. In addition, there is an amazing and inclusive tutor community for you to explore.

Q: I do not have any teaching experience. Can I still be a tutor?

A: Potencia does not require any teaching experience and offers tutor training before you jump into teaching. There are also class guidelines and materials that you can use as references.

Q: Does my learner speak basic English? If the learner does not understand English yet, how should we communicate?

A: Most of the learners are at the basic level. When your learner has difficulty in understanding your words, you can try using body language, facial expression, drawing/presentation, and even google translate - use your creativity!

Q: What are the class venues?

A: We recommend using Zoom or Google Meet. Currently Google Meet is free for all users, and Zoom offers 40 minutes free meetings. If you have Zoom for Education, it also offers free unlimited meeting.

Q: Who are my learners?

A: As for now, the majority of the learners are immigrants from Brazil living in the Medford and Somerville area.

Q: How long is each class, and how many times per week?

A: You can choose to teach either a 60-minute class without a break, or a 90-minute class with a break. The number of classes per week is flexible.

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