Meet our tutors!

Terrell Cornelius

Tufts University

Jake Lattanzi

Tufts University

Guilford, CT

Elissa Perez

Tufts University

Staten Island, NY

Aidan Welsh

Tufts University

Arnold, MD

Chris Duyos

Tufts University

Minh Luong

Boston University

Hanoi, Vietnam

Amos Trinidad

Tufts University

Newton, MA

Julia Worden

Tufts University

Kingston, NH

Mia Garvin

Tufts University

Wellesley, MA

Hannah Mascuch

Tufts University

Oceanside, NY

Murshea Tuor

Tufts University

Queens, NYC

Bijan Harandi

Tufts University

Liana Monderer

Tufts University

Lucy Tumavicus

Tufts University

Portland, ME

Hall of Fame

We are always grateful for the tutors who volunteered at Potencia. 

Firas Mouasher    Alfred Naayem    Laura Taraboanta    Shamoon Mallick    Piper Goeking


Heidy Acevedo    Allison Chow    Mia Goldberg    Duncan Allen    Thais Marques 


Rachel Wagner    Elida Ntirenganya    Gillian Rooney    Deena Bhanarai   Dana Baxter




574 Boston Ave, Medford, MA 02155

Potencia US is currently a program registered under Refugee Immigration Ministry Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

Talent x Diversity = Productivity

Talk x Diversity = Social Capital


Phone: (617) 580 - 0176

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